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This blog is a collaboration of group of talented photographers who rely on the Fuji X series to capture the world around them.

If someone were to ask me “what do you do for fun?” the answer is simple… I take pictures. I’m a part-time photography business owner with a full-time passion for taking pictures. I LOVE it. It’s my creative outlet, it’s how I contribute to my family’s legacy, and it’s challenging and fun at the same time. I’m over the gear talk, I just want to create something beautiful.

I’m Brandy and here’s a few things you need to know about me…I like coffee & bacon. A lot. You probably don’t *need* to know that but I feel like sharing. I strive to discover beauty, stillness, simplicity & light in the little pockets of everyday life and document it. I hope to portray authenticity and honesty in my work while still showing the simple beauty of the ordinary. In addition to shooting my wonderful Fuji digital cameras, I also dabble in shooting film.

I fell in love with photography many years ago in a Rexall drugstore while looking at all the tempting yellow Kodak boxes kept behind glass. I grew up hearing my mom frequently saying, every time I had a camera in my hands, “Don’t waste the film!” Many years later, I am able to satisfy my urge to be creative and capture and create photographs of all the things I couldn’t as a child. I have been using Fuji cameras since fall of 2012. I now photograph my children and pets and anything else which happens to catch my ever roving eye.

Brad Jolly (FLICKR)
I love photography because I can capture people, places and things that are constantly changing; whether it’s a facial expression, a beautiful leaf in Autumn, or watching my kids playing, I can capture this moment to preserve and enjoy for a lifetime. Photography is art to me, and I love being able to use this art form to be creative and share with others.

According to my daughter, “you are in picture world. The biggest thing in your mind is picture world!” She said this two years ago. It still seems to apply today. The biggest change : Mr. Fuji is my main partner in crime.

Tracy Laulhere (WEBSITE)
I photograph my life. And my life is beautiful, chaotic, simple, passionate, lively, happy, loud, bold, and connected to a wild and wonderful family. I choose my Fuji to help me stop, see, and remember the moments and people that make up my life.

Amy Hoogerbrugge (FLICKR | WEBSITE)
There are a few things in my world I wouldn’t be able to do without: my family, my cows and, of course, my photography gear. Like many moms before me, the birth of my first inspired me to pick up a camera. I have since become passionate about not only photographing the lives of my children but also about presenting my ordinary life in an extraordinary way. The majority of my body of work revolves around rural life.

Genesis Bowen (FLICKR)
I am a doctor, a wife, a mother, and an artist. I have lived my life racing for the finish line. The birth of my daughter made me slow down to savor each moment. The mind is cruel and moments that I want to remember forever become distant intangible memories far too quickly. SHE makes me want to freeze time. Fuji helps me do just that.

Lisa Bruins (FACEBOOK)
I’m an amateur photographer who started into this journey a year ago as a way to bring the soundtrack that is constantly playing in my head to life.

Jennifer James (WEBSITE | FLICKR)
A lover of design, photography, and all things visual, you’ll rarely find me without a camera or pencil in hand. Living with a husband, dog, cat and two young boys, life is chaotic and messy, but I wouldn’t have it any way, and love to document things just as they are. From my first Kodak disk camera, to film SLRs, to digital, DSLRs to mirrorless digital, I’ve found my happy place in the form of Fuji.

Helena Palma
My loves include my family, all things Italian, Champagne, Pride and Prejudice and photography. I like to live with a combination of those things in my life, with my family as the constant and photography a close second. I’ve been shooting for 8 years with a dSLR but I love the fun that Fuji gives me.

Heather Chang (WEBSITE | FACEBOOK)
I am a wife to Tony, mom to three boys: Asher, Laird and Ferris and full time hobbyist. My main source of inspiration comes from my boys. I am passionate about photography and image making no matter the method. My primary digital camera is a Canon 5DM3 and also shoot medium format and 35 mm film. I recently got a Fuji XE-2 and loving it’s portability and ease of use. Can’t wait to shoot more with this great little camera.

Lauren Keim (WEBSITE)
I am a writer, teacher, blogger and photographer who lives in coastal Virginia. After breaking cameras before international trips, cross country trips, and forgetting them for major milestones (like my son’s birth), I somehow managed to find the magic ticket that has my camera always at hand. While I specialize in food photography, documenting the simple everyday pleasures of my family’s life brings me great joy.

Shauna Dyes-Puckett (WEBSITE | FLICKR)
My name is Shauna Dyes-Puckett and I live in the beautiful Pacific Northwest with my husband, son, 2 dogs and 8 chickens! My life is a constant balance between my family, my required full time work, my part time photography business and my general LOVE of everything photography. Most of images are shot with either my Canon 6d or my Fuji XT-1 however more and more my Canon is gathering dust as I tend to favor the size and portability (and the images) of the Fuji system!

I’m an Oklahoma girl with a hubby and 3 kids, and a nursing professor and photographer. I’m always trying to overcome perfectionism and just ‘enjoy the process’. 🙂 Through my years of loving photography I’ve moved from Kodak Film to Nikon Coolpix to Canon Elph to Canon Rebel XS to Nikon d600 to Canon 60D to Canon 7D to Nikon d600 to Fuji Land. I currently shoot with a Nikon d750 and a Fuji X-E2. Let’s not discuss lenses, ha!! 😉 I love documenting the details of life. It gives me great satisfaction to capture the feeling or beauty of a moment and see the image in my head appear on the screen. I have a hobby-business and love creating those same images for others. Mostly, I love looking back at images from years past.

Stephanie Powell (WEBSITE)
Originally trained as a journalist, when I had a baby four years ago, I took a vacation from writing full time. While raising a toddler I picked up a camera. Soon enough, taking photographs and capturing our family’s story became my new obsession. Besides photography, I love donuts, plane tickets, negative space, the ocean, coffee with too much cream, and last but most certainly first, James and Daxton.

Jackie Benjamin (WEBSITE | FACEBOOK)
I have always loved photography, but in the last few years I’ve grown so attached to it. I have two boys that make a lot of noise, and taking photographs is what provides me a sense of grounding and calm. It has certainly impacted how I see the world, but it has also impacted how I want to see the world. I shoot with a Nikon D800, and a brand spanking new Fuji XT1! Hoping this little guy helps me branch out a little more. Being a bit more discreet is especially nice!

Bernadette Marie Hair (FACEBOOK)
Am a former foreign service brat, a military spouse, a mama of three and a hobbyist living in Colorado Springs. Growing up and spending the majority of my life overseas, my passion for photography began at a young age and continued on with our travels and the birth of my children. Am happiest the most when I am learning and when I am being creative – photography has definitely been an outlet for me in many ways. It makes you look at things differently and becomes something that is timeless. I’ve been shooting with my 5D Mark ii & just recently with the Mark iii – but like others, am excited to learn and to explore the portability of the Fuji.

I am inspired to seek out and to document beauty around us and special moments in time. My inspiration are my three children and Nature. I am drawn to contrast, color and light. I have been shooting with Canon 5Dm3 for the past two years but recently acquired and fell in love with Fuji x100s. Because it is so portable I take it everywhere and find myself reaching for it even when my Canon is in sight. There is something about the Fuji that frees me and inspires me as a photographer.

I live in Southeastern Pennsylvania with my husband and two rescue cats. I have loved photography for as long as I can remember, always carrying a camera wherever I went. Whether I’m shooting a wedding or taking photographs in nature, the size and weight of the Fuji X system makes it so much easier on my shoulders than my heavy Nikon. I love the colors and film look that I get with my Fuji, and love (love!) being able to use vintage film lenses on my X-E2.

Ashley Raymond (INSTAGRAM | WEBSITE)
I’m a wife, mama, and attorney by day. While I was pregnant with my first child, I got my hands on a “fancy camera” and decided to learn how to use it. And so began my obsession with photography. I knew I had begun to mildly understand how to operate my DSLR when others would see my pictures and exclaim, “Wow, you must have a really good camera!” While I still adore my DSLR, as a hobbyist photographer, my main goal is to capture as many of my everyday moments as possible. I realized it wasn’t plausible for me to bring my Mark III with me everywhere and most times, the quality of my iPhone pictures left me disappointed. Enter the Fuji X100T, which has made documenting my life a breeze.

Tricia Enfield (WEBSITE | FACEBOOK)
Hi there, I’m Tricia. I live in beautiful Seattle, WA with my husband and three kids. I shoot 100% Fuji (X100s and X-T1) and I love to get them out and take pictures of people and places. Also, I’m a woman of few words… mostly pictures.

Hello! I am a mom of one. My daughter is my favorite photography subject. I am from the Philippines and lived here all my life. I take my Fujifilm XT-1 everywhere to capture and preserve memories not only of special occasions but also of the everyday. I love pink and girly things. Coffee, chocolate and carbs make my day.

Denise Snyder (PORTFOLIO)
I’m a Mom of two almost grown boys, a full time paralegal, and a part time professional photographer for about ten years having owned a family portrait business for most of that time. I am now almost exclusively shooting book covers and stock. I’ve always shot with Nikon DSLRs, but rarely pick them up since discovering Fuji! I currently shoot with an Xpro, and plan to switch over entirely to a Fuji system in the near future. I love that I can get professional quality from such a lightweight system.

Hi, I live in Hamburg, Germany but originally from pocket country Slovenia. I’m a mom of two and love capturing what life feels like. I shoot with a Fujifilm x100t.

Kim Barnett (INSTAGRAM)
Photography has always been a major influence in my life. My dad worked in the wire photo department of the Associated Press where I spent many hours watching the black and white photos whiz by. Cameras were always along on our family travels, and slide viewing parties were a monthly celebration. Today, I am the family documentarian. My dad’s film cameras have since been passed down to me, and while I occasionally do shoot with them, I now shoot with a Fuji X100T and an XE2 because they remind me of his old Leica in styling and image quality.

Justine DiFede (WEBSITE)
I have been described as a Type A Creative. I have a super supportive husband, two rowdy boys, and way too many animals. I have always shot Nikon, but in my earlier film years I shot with Fuji film. I was feeling stuck in a rut, so I purchased the Fuji x100t. It was love at first click (so cheesy), and now I can’t put it down.

Juliet Crawford Schwab (INSTAGRAM | FLICKR)
I have always loved taking pictures on my travels and bought my first DSLR shortly before embarking on an epic cross-country road trip with my husband. These days I photograph our three kids on everyday adventures closer to home, and my Fuji fits in my purse alongside a few diapers and a DC metro card.

I live in North Texas and am a real estate broker, former teacher, and a photographer. I enjoy shooting with my Fuji X-T1 as well as my Nikon Df and D750. I currently focus on lifestyle, portraiture, and real estate photography.

I’m an artist who happens to use a camera. As of yesterday, the Fuji X100T was added to my arsenal. I’ve been warned this model is a gateway drug to the Fuji world. Street photography is a passion of mine and I can hardly wait to hit the streets of Los Angeles with this little beauty!

Brooke Bikneris (WEBSITE | FACEBOOK)
I’m in Northern Alabama and shoot a lot of our daily life primarily with my Fuji X-E1, and film. I like to take a camera with me wherever I go, even the chicken coop.

Jeanette Hendrickson
I live in South Korea, and am a Mother to three wonderful children. I previously shot with a canon 6d, but now I shoot with a Fuji X-T2, and X-Pro2. One of my favorite features about Fuji is that they are so portable to take with me everywhere I go. I love to travel, and shoot street, as well as everyday life with my family. Recently I just started shooting my first 365.

I am a photographer based in the lower Hudson Valley of New York where my musically-inclined husband and our two effervescent, lovable young boys make our home. Photography has been a much-loved creative, expressive, and therapeutic pastime of mine for a number of years. I enjoy playing with light and shadow to create evocative images, and also documenting my family’s everyday life. Presently, I shoot with a Fuji X100T and an array of medium format and 35mm film cameras.

I am a photographer based in Smyrna, Georgia, a suburb of Atlanta. My client work consists mainly of corporate headshots and children/family photography. On the personal side, I love capturing everyday moments with my daughter. I love color, and describe my style as vibrant and happy. I’m also drawn to nature and landscape photography, because it pushes me creatively and allows me to really explore the more artistic side of photography. I shoot with a Fuji X-T20 as well as a Nikon D800.

I am the wife of an EMS pilot and homeschooling mother of ten children in rural Kentucky. My client work is mainly weddings and families, with other genres thrown in to make life interesting. I enjoy creating an atmosphere of joy in my sessions, and am most interested in capturing the connections which make each relationship unique. I currently shoot mainly with a Nikon 750, and am new to the Fuji world with a Fuji X-T2.

Jessica is a hobbyist photographer living in Maryland. She’s always had a camera in her hand for as long as she can remember. Her latest victims of her torture are her three kids who are very tired of taking direction. She works FT as an engineer to fund her photography habit. She normally shoots with a Canon 5DMII or a Canon Elan 7NE but is very excited to be pursuing the Fuji mirrorless realm.

I’m a wife, mom & hobbyist photographer with a passion for photographing my kids and documenting our lives together. I am inspired by genuine connection & authentic moments. I use my camera to capture things I want to remember and to find the beauty in the everyday. I love having a small, portable camera with great image quality and the ability to carry my camera with me everywhere has renewed my love of photography.

Fueled by coffee, dark chocolate, and the occasional nap, I set out daily to capture life through the lens. Whether it’s my kids, the world around me, or a tiny detail that catches my eye — I want to hold on to the moment and photography allows me to do just that. Fuji X-series cameras have infused new energy and fun into this lifelong hobby, and a Fuji is never far from my side.

Photography has provided me an avenue through which to express myself, my life and my art. And now using Fuji, a whole new world of fun has opened up without requiring a backpack to carry my gear. I love being able to capture a look, moment, detail or place that can be re-lived again and again by viewing them in print. Life is turned into art for my family. However, I’ll admit that often times it may require some bribes to get them to participate in my art.

Vironica Golden (WEBSITE | FACEBOOK)
I am a hobbyist photographer residing in California with my husband and young son. Like many, my passion for photography began with the birth of my son and the desire to capture my family’s everyday moments in an artistic way. With a background in Graphic Design, my work is inspired by the use of lines, color and simple composition to capture the joy and beauty of everyday life. I’ve been shooting with my beloved 5D Mark iii but very excited to explore the portability of the Fuji.

I am natural light photographer who is inspired by finding the beauty of emotional connections in ordinary every day moments. I am based in Northern California, where I live with my husband and nearby to my 4 young adult children. I don’t simply photograph the person; I photograph how they make me feel. I shoot with the Canon 5D Mark iii but I’m very excited about exploring the world with the Fuji X-E2.

Daniela Busuttil (FLICKR)
My name is Daniela Busuttil. I live inMelbourne, Australia. I’m a passionate hobbyistand I began my journey over 3 years ago. My muse is my daughter, Alicia – she taught me how to see the beauty inevery thing, just like I was viewing for the first time. I love to capture and document my everydayand I’m completely captivated with light and love how a shift in light can completelychange the feel of an image.

Miriam Hancock (FLICKR | FACEBOOK)
I’m new to Fuji, but not to photography. I first fell in love with photography back in High School developing film in the darkroom. It has only been in the last few years that I’ve picked up a camera again, and fallen back in love wanting to capture my 2 young children growing up. I love documenting the everyday details of my children, and also enjoy the quiet time in the garden taking macro shots. Cake decorating is my other passion which has led me to an enjoyment of food photography as well.

Kristen Ryan (WEBSITE)
I’m Kristen…a mom of 4, a harpist, a runner, a coffee and chocolate lover, and a photographer with a passion for light and landscapes. I love to capture my kids and the amazing world around me. I strive to freeze those genuine moments of childhood and to express myself through the lens. I’m so excited to add my Fuji XE-2 as a tool to do all of these things.

I live in a tiny village in the UK, and am a SAHM bringing up 3 children. Im a hobbyist enjoying documenting my family life as well as having a passion for macro photography, which “slows me down and relaxes me”. I love lattes, the smell of vanilla and the sound of the ocean. I shoot with a Nikon D700 and have recently received a Fuji X100 and am loving the small size and freedom that having a small camera gives me.

I am a former social worker, then a librarian, and now a photographer and mom of three. I have (too many?) cameras, and love shooting with all of them- right now I use the Fuji X100T and the X-T1, along with a Nikon D750 and a few film cameras.

Julie Kiernan (INSTAGRAM)
I started as a Canon shooter, but Fuji mirrorless really changed the way I shoot. I use it to document our life as it’s so easy to use in my everyday. I use my X-Pro 2 along side my 5D Mark III for weddings, seniors and families. I love the rangefinder style because it reminds me of my film cameras and it’s so light and easy to carry when I travel and hike. The new 35/2 lives on my camera. I adore using it with my vintage lens with focus peeking and how well it matches my film scans!

Renee Bonuccelli (WEBSITE | FLICKR)
My name is Renee, wife to one, mama to four and recent owner of a brand new puppy. I’m a Nikon girl, but since my baby girl’s birth I’ve found my ‘big’ camera too big, and wandered over to the Fuji way:) I recently bought the xt-1 and 27mm lens and I’m in love – it’s SO light and portable. As a MWAC, I try and document our everyday – the good, the bad and downright ugly (indoor, overhead lighting;)!).

I’m a free spirit, trying to fit into the box of motherhood and Army life. I have 4 beautiful children, that teach me more than I will probably ever teach them. My husband is the love of my life, and so I follow him wherever his job takes us. I started shooting digital a few years back with the intention of documenting all the days Daddy misses on deployments. Slowly, I found my way to film, with the help of one of my closest friends. It was love at first click! I started backing away from shooting so much digital, and so I sold my DSLR and bought this amazing little fuji xe-2 which I’m smitten with. I also have a Canon EOS-3 (35mm), Pentax 645n (medium format) and a fancy little holga that I just adore! My shooting style is a huge reflection of my personality. Never perfect, always quirky, real, raw, fun and honest.

Kim De Araujo (WEBSITE)
Hello, I’m Kim, wife to Dan, mommy to three kiddos and one rescue dog and a hobbyist photographer. We reside just outside of Austin, Texas. In additional to photography, I love a good cup of coffee, good conversation and a good meal. My life and my kids are my inspiration. My main digital camera is a D700 and a variety of lenses. I also dabble with film on an F100. We recently just added the XE-1 to our family and I am having a good time getting to know her.

Brenda McKenney (WEBSITE | FLICKR)
Hi! I am so excited to be part of this group. I have always been interested in taking pictures, but really got the bug about a year and a half ago. I have a wonderful husband and partner in crime and two very energetic boys, 4 and 5 years old. We moved to Shanghai, China and I wanted to capture our family’s everyday, along with our new adventure. The photography bug bit and I have continued to upgrade my equipment to a Nikon Df and most recently a Fuji X-E2 which I have quickly fallen in love with.

My name is Willie Kers and i’m a photographer based in Apeldoorn, The Netherlands. I’m a mom of 4 and married to her best friend. My inspiration comes from the simple things in life; riding on bikes with my family, the smell of freshly baked bread or freshly mown grass, making music, enjoying a beautiful sunset, and of course, the spontaneous laughter of a child! I get intensely happy with light. Beautiful light to capture precious memories with my camera. Capturing life as it is… Life as we live it!

Carolyn Lebow (WEBSITE | FACEBOOK)
I have loved photography ever since receiving my first camera back in the 80’s– a bright yellow Canon Snappy (that I actually still have today)! I had fun playing with photography for many years, but it didn’t become a true passion of mine until the adoption of our two youngest daughters….since then I have been shooting non-stop. I love to shoot a variety of subjects, but my favorites are people and pets. I love setting up for and capturing a more posed portrait, but also have a new interest for lifestyle photography. My main camera is a Canon 5D Mark III with a variety of mostly prime lenses. Recently I have a new love though, my Fuji X100T. The portability of this camera has given me the ability to capture moments that I was missing out on before….it has brought new life to my photos and I look forward to capturing many more moments and memories with it!

Wife. Mother. Fitness buff. Daughter. Grand-daughter. Christ-follower. Friend. Photographer. Accomplished, award-winning marketer (no, really!). A cappella singer in past life (again, really!). Chronicler of my family’s journey through life. A student of life. A work in progress. Writer. Capturing my family and the world around me through lifestyle photography is my passion. Travel photography also holds a special place in my heart.

I am Taryn Boyd owner of Blu Hippo Photography in Pittsburgh. I specialize in newborn, baby, child, maternity and family photography. my goal is to capture life as it is and create images that are timeless. I am a Nikon shooter and currently shoot with a D700 and D810 with a variety of lenses. I have the Fuji x100T and have absolutely loved having a camera I could take everywhere with me to capture everyday life!

I’ve always loved taking photos and I can’t remember a time when I didn’t have a camera. I studied photography in college with an all manual film Minolta, developing negatives and prints in the darkroom (pre-digital days). It was a perfect way to really learn the essence of photography. I went into real estate in my 20’s and have done everything from being an agent (2x), to marketing, to admin, plus a few other positions. Real estate photography was a perfect fit for me. I’ve been doing it since 2011 and couldn’t be happier. I shoot with Nikon for 9 years. I fell in love with Fuji when I bought one for elevations and from all the recommendations from this group! I sold all my Nikon gear and am 100% Fuji.

Fran Dickenson (WEBSITE | FACEBOOK)
Hey Ya’ll! My name is Fran and I live in Raleigh, NC with my two kids, hubby and two kitties. I am so excited to be a part of this group. My family and I enjoy going to the beach, walks around the lake, water sports, and music. I drink lots of tea every day to keep up with all the activity. Since jr. high school, I have been a photography fan, taking pictures of family, friends and documenting activities. Always the editor of my school newspaper and yearbook, I have enjoyed doing portrait photography here in the Triangle area and capturing family memories with family photos and albums. I have fallen in love so much with my Fuji cameras that I recently sold all of my Canon gear. The Fuji allows me to have my camera with me more often to catch the shots that I would not have taken before. (and it is just so much fun!)

I am a wife and mother to four amazing kiddos. I love photography, a good cup of Jo, adventure, diving, traveling down the roads that start anywhere and end nowhere. I have been shooting Nikon it seems like forever and was a loyalist to the brand. Then the world of mirrorless happened. I bought the Fuji XT-1, but was unsure of what purpose it would have with my work. Now there are very few moments where the Fuji is not in tow along with a few extra lenses. My work is focused on travel beyond my front door, though I love all genres of photography. So ready for the XT-2.

Andie Eschbacher (PORTFOLIO)
Hi there, I’m Andie from Kansas. Mom to a 6 year old girl, and wife of 10 years. Photography is my therapy–when I’m behind the camera, nothing else is on my mind! I love creating expressive images that make me feel something, as well as documenting my everyday. I completed my first 365 project in 2015, and can’t imagine stopping now! I’m new to the Fuji world, but have been completely enamored with my XT1. I don’t leave home without it, and my Canon 5D Mark III has been collecting dust ever since I purchased the Fuji!

I am a happily married mama of two beautiful kids, a girl and a boy. I live in New Jersey. My photography style has been described as raw, organic, honest and moody. I have always found an interest in captivating subjects, My favorite subject to photograph are children, I LOVE capturing those perfectly imperfect details that make each child unique in their own way. I now shoot with a Fuji Xt1.

Tammy Wahl (FLICKR)
I’m a homeschooling mom to two great kids who are usually on the other end of my camera. I also love capturing our sweet Cornish Rex kitty who pretty much rules our household. Shooting Fuji is such a new experience to me, but I’m excited to dive in with the XT-1!

I have always had a passion for the visual arts. As a kid I loved drawing, painting and sculpting. As an adult I practice architecture professionally and play with photography for the sheer joy. The way people and light can occupy, bring life to and transform space captures my imagination. I strive for a beautiful image with a vivid mood that hints at an intriguing story perhaps even beyond what is visible within the frame.

Heather Stensaa
I’m just a hobbyist mom who really enjoys shooting, but feel like I never have time! I got my Fuji so that I can do more day to day shooting. I have a Fuji X-E1.

Rebecca Wyatt (WEBSITE | FACEBOOK)
Rebecca Wyatt is a former attorney turned mom who discovered her passion for photography during her first few years of motherhood. Based in Baltimore, she is now a child and family photographer committed to documenting the adventures of family life. She is inspired by the uniqueness of personality and is particularly fond of dramatic light. Passionate about capturing her subjects both beautifully and authentically, she often features her four children in her work. Along with her DSLR, she shoots with a Fuji x100t.

Rebecca Hellyer (WEBSITE)
I’m Rebecca, mom of one munchkin and wife to a wonderful man. I am an on-location Chicago-area photographer. I love to capture pure joy and genuine smiles; the love shared by family; the thrill of romance. I was born and raised in Toowoomba, Australia but I now call Chicago home. When I’m not dining out with my family, I spend my time capturing the gloriously messy, hectic, fun life of our son, and occasionally sneak in some personal reading time. I shoot with a Fuji XT-10 alongside my Canon 5d Mark iii.

Mandy Brown
A mom of 3 currently living in Okinawa documenting our everyday with my Nikon and Fuji X-T1.

Jordan Watkins (WEBSITE)
I don’t have a public website right now. My family owns and operates The Calvin Gilmore Theater in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. I take all of the live show photos for our theater, outside of that I just do amateur photography of my own family and sometimes a commissioned shoot for a friend. Just moved over to Fuji about 9 months ago and am in the process of selling my Nikon gear now!